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For some, this could bring good news on the work or job front. Whatever you have to offer this month — work it, Gemini. And that includes your passion! And also let your body talk, Gemini. Looking and feeling your best is the key to letting the love flow. Work it like you own it this October!

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In bold, brave and innovative new ways that open up deeper and more meaningful pathways to love. And where does this all begin? With you of course!

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Because relating to yourself in radical and magical ways is the secret ingredient to getting the love you want from others. Where does this all start?

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In the most mysterious part of your chart. Your mystical 12th of intuition, higher vision, soul secrets and deeper purpose. All courtesy of Uranus in your 12th from March 6, saw the planet of evolutionary revolutions enter here for the first time in your lifetime. However, after a few months it turned retrograde and headed back into its ruling 11th in your chart. This time however, it is back for good.

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Love or children could prove challenging or expensive on Monday, as the Sun in your salary house squares wounded warrior Chiron in your love zone. Entertainment SP www. With the guidance from this reading, will be a year to remember. Cancer Daily Horoscope - horoscope. Earth signs -- Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are practical, tactile builders. This is your horoscope by date of birth and time and also horoscope based on your moon sign and ascendant. Things should go quite well in the department of love today, Gemini.

Or at least for the next seven years. Because your 12th is the house of secrets, the first thing I have to ask is if you are keeping any? If so, please be aware that between Uranus in here and Pluto in its ruling 8th in your chart, they are unlikely to stay hidden. And may even emerge in totally unforeseen and unpredictable ways. Your Freudian slip may be showing in more ways than one. With Uranus in your 12th honesty is your best policy. What is more likely however is that something may be kept from you. If you get the feeling this may be the case, please do not ignore it. What I can tell you is that at some point it will emerge and if it involves another person, it will change the way you see them — one way or another, forever.

Be prepared for revelations.

This Uranus transit is going to ask you to follow your intuition and not to underestimate its guidance. And like any other sense of skill, the more you use it, the more confident you will become when it comes to relying on the information it gives you. You now have a hidden advantage you can utilize in all areas of your life if you give in and trust it.

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It just works. You could also be exploring radical new concepts and theories into the nature of reality, occult matters and other dimensions. On a soul level, Uranus in your 12th is mainly concerned with you creating, defining and then following your own set of ethics. And then standing up and living by what you believe is right — and setting an example of this if necessary. Your 12th rules hidden enemies and very often the one we really cannot see and who undermines us the most if the one hidden in plain sight.

The enemy within. Self-doubt and self-sabotage can be the two most insidious and relentless blocks that stand between us and success — in any area of life. The good news? Uranus in your 12th wakes you up to all the negative self-talk and ways you have well — been getting in your own way. Libra Weekly Horoscope. Tarot Reading. December Daily. Aries Astrology. Libra Horoscopes August 21 - 25,! Plz Share! Opinion Piece. May As May Astrology Horoscope. Find this Pin and more on aqua by Maria.