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Planetary cycles create the evolutionary currents of growth occurring within ourselves and our lives. All planets in sidereal Sagittarius and Scorpio have now completed their retrogrades. In astrology, Mars influences all things masculine, and filtered through its particular sign reveals how anything is pursued, from a potential sexual partner to a career. Most of the horoscopes you see in the United States and Europe are based on the tropical system of astrology. It is very interesting that waning moon, full moon, new moon etc all the phases will bring variation in your diet which run in a systematic way.

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Daily Horoscope & Weekly Recap August 20th 2019 - True Sidereal Astrology

About this Event Hey Fam!!! We will see what elemental energy is strong and which ones need cultivation Earth, Air, Fire, or Water - Understanding what elements are apart of certain areas in your life allows you to understand the experiences that happen as well as finding a way to navigate through them 2.


True sidereal astrology uses the actual size, and location, of the constellations in the sky. Below are the true sidereal astrology Sun Sign dates. You might notice. Sidereal and tropical are astrological terms used to describe two different definitions of a year. They are also used as terms for two systems of ecliptic.

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View Details. Follow this organizer to stay informed on future events. Riziki Zafira Event creator. Events you might like:. But one day, while scrolling through your feed, you read that NASA has declared that you might just be a different sign. The sidereal zodiac is mainly used in India and East Asia, though there have been a growing number of Western users throughout the last century.

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The tropical zodiac is the dominant zodiac used around the Western world. The main discussion between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs centers on which one is closer to the true intention of ancient astrologers. As you probably know, there are constellations in the sky that have names similar to those of the zodiac signs.

Sidereal Vedic Planetary Ephemerides 1800-2100

The sun takes longer than 30 days to travel through the constellation of Virgo—the largest constellation of the zodiac—but only a few weeks to pass through the smallest constellation, Capricornus. This is the unbalanced nature of constellation astrology. As such, the sun would stay in each sign for roughly a month in a degree tour through 12 signs, rather than the actual constellations. Perhaps the sun would tarry a day or so longer in one sign or another, but no sign had to worry about stealing shine for several weeks longer than others.

At the development of the zodiac, roughly between B.

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But, over time, sky watchers in India and Greece each became aware that the position of the sun and other planets drifted away from key star positions. Planets represent the transient experiences of your life and personality. For instance, Mercury relates to interactive learning. Mars relates to self-determined action.

Saturn relates to developing structure. When you look at your birth chart, you should also look at your sun, moon, ascendent, and chart ruler. The sun and moon represent the fundamental elements of your personality.

Your Real Zodiac Sign Is Your Sidereal Sign:

The sun represents your outwardly focused, expressive side. The moon represents your inwardly focused, reflective side. Meanwhile, your ascendent represents the qualities you are developing as a result of your life experiences. Combined with your chart ruler , it tells you how your life is going to unfold and how your personality will develop based on your life experiences.

Who Moved My Stars? A Tale of Three Zodiacs |

There are plenty of websites where you can type in your date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth in order to get a look at your own birth chart. Even though the tropical system is more popular in Western areas of the world, Hindu astrology continues to use the sidereal system for their predictions. However, there are problems with both systems. The tropical system is based on the seasons, which is problematic since they are flipped in the northern and southern hemispheres. Meanwhile, in sidereal astrology, the constellations do not line up with the signs perfectly, so sidereal astrologers debate the starting point for the zodiac.

Everyone has a different opinion on whether tropical astrology or sidereal astrology is more accurate. You are free to follow whichever system makes the most sense to you. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

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